About ZenLily Health

Elizabeth Coyle Veren is the creator of ZenLily Health where she provides natural choices for pain relief & stress management, including: Massage, Yoga, & Wellness Coaching for the Nantucket MA, and Naples Florida Areas for over 30 years. Elizabeth is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Yoga instructor.

“When you receive or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life”

-Jean Shinoda Bolen

Elizabeth Coyle Veren, Founder & Teacher

Elizabeth Coyle Veren the creator of Zen Lily Health has been a pioneer in the Body Mind Spirit Health and Wellness field. First choosing to study the art and science of massage and become a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist in 1986. She followed this with 3 years of study in Oriental Medicine and became a Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician. In 1999 Elizabeth studied and trained in the Kirpalu Tradition of Heart Centered and Mindfulness Yoga, becoming a certified Yoga Instructor in 2000.

Following one of her deepest truths, that war and violence towards all humans and the planet are wrong minded, Elizabeth studied with James O’dea and became a Certified Peace Ambassador in 2013. Elizabeth also holds certifications as a Pilates Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Senior Fitness Instructor, Stress Management and Meditation Instructor, and Intrinsic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach.

With 29 years of professional experience, Elizabeth has “educated hands”.   She has also received advance training and certifications in Medical Massage, Cranial – Sacral and Positional Release techniques, Deep Tissue and Trigger Points , Myofascial Release, Acupressure and Jen Shin Do, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and is a Reiki Master. Elizabeth holds a Florida license and is nationally certified in Massage Therapy.   Elizabeth also holds a BS in Education. Trained as an Acupuncture Physician, she has recently retired her Acupuncture License to concentrate more exclusively on massage, yoga and movement therapies.

Presently she is pursuing advanced training and certifications in Intrinsic Coaching, Heart Math Coaching, Tai Chi, Silver Age Yoga, and Restorative Yoga therapies.

Why Massage & Yoga?

Both massage and yoga offer the opportunity to break through the routine thoughts and habitual posture that conditions us deep into our cells/selves. This breakthrough reveals a new space where feelings of inner peace, awareness, joy, insight, compassion and loving kindness for ourselves can replace all that old, hardened, stiff and no longer working ways. This open space empowers students and clients to begin to make new choices about their health and lives.

Both massage and yoga are transformative offering significant improvement to people with chronic pain and stress disorders, debilitating diseases, depression and in general the malaise of our culture. Elizabeth’s guiding inspiration for all her work is to provide her clients with an opportunity for self discovery. Her greatest joy is when a student in a yoga pose or a massage clients has an “ah ha” moment. That is where the true healing takes place.  Zen Lily Health was created to help us move forward with ever increasing consciousness around our choices for healing, health and greater harmony in our lives.